Saturday, December 10, 2016


Prince George’s County Women’s Empowerment Conference, now in its fifth year, provides interactive discussions, presentations and motivational speakers that educate, engage and empower participants in their quest for life improvement. The WE3 Conference operates from the belief that when women are well, their children are well, their relationships are healthy, and their personal fulfillment enriches the home and entire community.  The WE Conference provides an opportunity to engage a cross-section of women and girls from throughout Prince George’s County and the region.  Attendees to this annual event are an eclectic community of socially, culturally and economic diverse women and girls.  These conference participants include representatives from leading women’s organizations and range from educators, military, community servants and government employees to political leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and professional across disciplines.  This empowerment experience is designed to compel women towards leadership, personal development and growth and personal responsibility while enabling participants to connect, foster relationships and work to support community initiatives and each other while striving to realize our collective and individual missions.